Follow these tips to help build trust with your audience online and keep them coming back.

The feeling of being remembered or being relevant is something a lot of us hope for, not just in work but also in our personal lives. As a therapy business, being in the thoughts and minds of your audience can be so important to their state of mind or wellbeing. Continually reminding them that you are there for support gives a feeling of warmth and prolonged reminders help build trust. In this article we’ll discuss a few simple tips that will ensure your audience both keeps coming back to your site but also holds you and your services in high regard.

1. Regular and relevant blog posts.

A lot of therapists we talk to understand the action of creating blog content, but not a lot of people understand the reasoning behind creating them. The two main benefits for putting your voice into words we feel are as follows;


At Design Wellness we like to imagine Google as a network of robots. Every hour of the day the master robot sends the smaller robots to crawl each site individually, they return to the master and let them know what has changed and if the content is relevant to their original review. We hear of using keywords in blog posts to increase your search rankings, keywords are the food of the robots. The more keywords, the happier the robot, and in turn the master. That’s not to say you can throw ‘Therapy Manchester’ as a keyword 500 times in a post, that will make the robot feel sick and review your content as negative.


Writing content based on your thoughts on a topic or surrounding your services allow your readers to invest in you and your personality. If the content you are putting out is relevant to the sessions you run or the industry you’re in, then the user’s trust in you increases. Imagine your website to be a corner shop, if you’re stocked with a wide variety of items, you’ll see people coming back to you for their milk in the morning.

Don’t forget, you don’t just have to write about the health benefits of going out and walking, you can even write about the recent workshop you went to, or even highlight and promote another therapist you like the work of! It can really showcase the timeline of crucial things you’ve managed to complete and can look back on your successes.

2. Push the importance of your most shared content

When the going gets good, keep on going. By utilising data such as Google Analytics or software such as you can track how many interactions and views your content is getting. If you notice that a specific topic or post gets more traction then run with similar content in the future.

Harnessing the power of analytics will allow you to know more about your site and the data behind how it works. You can then adapt your site and services to really promote things your audience find relevant. If you’re not too sure on how to set up such tracking software give us an email and we can run through ways of activating it. Our email is [email protected]

3. Email & Social Engagement

So you’ve spent two days writing a fresh article on the benefits of doing forward rolls instead of star jumps, how do you let your audience know about it? You could sit and pray they will randomly come back to your site, or you could create a newsletter and update your social profile with a post about that content. We advise the best method is to do all three!

Creating a newsletter requires a little technical assistance, but you can use programs like Mailchimp or Aweber for that. Here is a little rundown on some basics –

You’ll need to take down emails from either your website forms or in person from your clients and add them to ‘lists’ inside those programs. You then send out emails once you’ve written a blog or have some interesting information to send. We always advise to keep emails to once or twice a month, we all know how annoying they can be at times.

If you want to know more, our plans contain inbuilt email newsletter campaigns with all the hard work done for you. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out more.

4. Invest in your local area

The art of helping others is the reason why a lot of therapists and counsellors get involved in the industry. At this stage I know I’m preaching to the converted but investing in your local area is a great way of giving back to the community. Highlighting local businesses and mental health schemes showcases opportunities that get everyone involved. By sharing the activities you’re getting involved in you may be able to attract new clients that you can help and support. Investing in your local area and becoming integrated will increase your reputation and build trust with your audience.

5. Ensure your site has good UX

User interaction is the flow of how a person that visits your site digests your content. The easier your site is to navigate, the more likely they’ll stay to find out more. Quick simple tips are to clearly delineate your services, we advise to only have 5 to 6 pages in total on a site, anymore and you’re just providing content for the sake of it.

What is good UX? Here is a two images that will hopefully provide a clearer picture for you.

Ignore huge blocks of text – Create content that is easily digestible and straight to the point. The chances that people have the time or the attention span to read an entire block of text is very rare so keep your content short and sweet. We always advise to keep your call to action (your links to get in touch) similar and a different colour than the main theme of your website. That makes it easier for people to clearly see how to contact you whilst making the site accessible.

Add an FAQ! From our data research FAQ pages and pricing hold the most traction from a user stand point. You’ll end users and prospective clients will have a lot of questions about how sessions are run and what to expect. If you have an FAQ those questions are already answered and the trust will grow.

Just the tip of the iceberg

Engaging with your clients can be hard when you’re not there in person, but through the use of these we can ensure that your clients are updated with the right information about your business. As ever if you have any questions or would like to know more about our services shoot us an email at an email at [email protected].

Thanks for reading!