Create an instant connection with your audience

Branding by definition is the creation of a symbol or design that easily identifies a business and helps it stand out amongst competitors. When it comes to your practice you yourself are at the core of the business, but your brand is the face of it.

This is why it’s crucial you have a brand identity that not only reflects your business but also reflects you. Your brand should be powerful and easily memorable so that it creates an instant connection with your audience and helps them know what to expect from your business. This is vital, especially when bringing your practice online and building a digital presence as it is still important for your audience to connect with you.

Build trust with future clients

A good brand will begin to build trust with potential new clients before they even land on your site. Potential new clients are more likely to invest in a practice that not only feels polished and professional but one they can trust in and build a connection with.

Your branding will help your audience instantly gain an understanding of what your practice stands for, what your skills and specialities are, and what could motivate them to take the next step and get in touch with you. The look and feel of your overall branding has a key role to play in sending out the desired message of your company to your audience.

Create harmony across your practice

Once your practice has a strong brand identity that you’re happy with, it can be rolled out across social media, email designs, printed materials and of course your website. Creating consistency and harmony across your brand materials is essential to ensuring that you and your practice are memorable and stand out amongst your competition.

For example, people who are handed a business card with your logo on it will open up your website with the same logo and overall visual identity, and immediately know they’re in the right place. This is also a key factor in building the trust with your existing clients as they will get the same visual experience every time, therefore knowing what to expect when interacting with your brand.

A brand defines your practice

Your brand identity develops into more than just a design, it carries across into every element of your business and helps you define your goals as a practice. Is there an area of therapy you want to focus on? How do you want to engage your audience? A brand document can help you clearly see what your business is and where it stands and every element of design from the logo-mark to the colour scheme will help reflect that.

The first point of contact with your client

Outside of the therapy industry we all buy into brands that we trust, and that’s because those brands have been designed in particular ways in order to build that trust with us. Your brand identity is the first point of contact a client has with your company so it’s important that you start to build that trust and connection instantly with people who are seeking therapy and might need your help. A strong, consistent brand identity that uniquely reflects yourself and your practice is extremely important in helping you stand out as a company and build lasting connections with your clients.