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I’ve decided to link some profound and super-interesting content that has helped me broaden my mind and improve as a person on a professional and basic level. The podcasts, videos and ideas are very relevant to my personal development, so I wanted to share them with you as I feel they can make you think too!

TED Radio Hour

TED, a not-for-profit organisation hosts “TED Talks”, which allow experts and freethinkers to present “short, powerful talks” on every conceivable subject matter.

The TED Radio Hour goes one step further and extends the short 18 minutes “Ted Talks” video format into a fully realised, hour-long audio version. The subject experts and podcast host are on show to challenge each other’s ideas and to eliminate bias. For me personally, the podcast has a lot more depth, clarity and even genuinely funny moments to it, which immerse you into the speaker’s way of thinking which gives a refreshing perspective on things.

You are genuinely spoilt for choice with the sheer amount of topics and episodes available too, and I soon found that even subjects which weren’t my first choice ended up being my all-time favourites. All in all, this podcast show has had a profound effect on me and I would recommend it to anyone who has a thirst for knowledge!

The full list of podcasts are here:

Better Ideas

I happened to stumble across “Better Ideas” at a point when Covid was wearing me a little thin at times with keeping to healthy lifestyle habits. Joey, the creator of the channel, is brilliant at pointing out the obvious in circumstances where you never really thought about it beforehand.

Joey’s video on why you can’t stop checking your phone is a good example of prioritising and minimising apps which were not helping me or the business professionally and were causing distractions to my productivity.

I recommend Better Ideas, not in a clinical sense (you guys have got that covered obviously), but in a business and philosophical sense, as Joey points out some good reading material to pick up where the video left too. A good example of this is a video on the book which changed his life. I decided to read it, and it started to improve my interactions with everyday people, by having more genuine, meaningful conversations.

Check out the Better Ideas YouTube channel here:

Wim Hof – The Ice Man

The first time I heard the name “Wim Hof” was several years ago, after a friend told me of an eccentric, “superhuman” man from the Netherlands who decided to climbed Mount Everest in his shorts and who had broken multiple Guinness World Records by sitting in an ice bath longer than any human to date.

Reading more about Wim, I discovered his deep breathing technique and ice cold showers which have been scientifically proven to tap into the body’s physiology to become more calm, healthy and relaxed. Wim’s philosophy is that modern life and technology has left us disconnected from what it means to be human on a basic physical and mental level.

I must admit to being a complete skeptic to his breathing technique when I first heard about it. 2 years later however, here I am still doing morning breathing exercises and taking cold showers on my own free will!

Even if you embrace his proven methods or not, Wim is a fascinating person to watch, listen and understand. Wim has left a mark on me for the better, and across the world too.

Find out more about Wim’s incredible story and his breathing techniques below:
Wim’s story
Wim’s breathing technique

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