We create beautiful brands

As Creative Director at Design Wellness, my job is to develop and produce beautiful brands for therapists which reflect and justify the fantastic work you do. We conduct in-depth research to get a core understanding of your practice and of your offerings as therapists, ensuring the logo speaks for itself, without the need for words. From there we spend weeks crafting, defining and refining your perfect personal brand.

What is the difference between
a logo and a brand?

Design Wellness offer both logo and brand packages. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive on a regular basis is; what is the difference?


Logos are the symbolic and visual identity of your business. Take a typical, well-known set of logos like Starbucks or Nike – they evoke emotion, significance and recognition which anyone would struggle not to remember. This is the true ability to look at a great logo; connecting a powerful feeling that many people will remember when they think of your business.

Our logo package will give you a beautifully bespoke, succinct logo which you can use across multiple mediums, such as your website and social channels.


Your brand is the all-encompassing personality and concept of your business. Starting with your logo, this extends to colour palettes, font styles, iconography and other bespoke assets which tell a story of who you are, what services you offer and what your business stands for. Your branding is the whole design package with assets to use for every eventuality across your advertising and social channels.

Our Brand Package includes all of the above, plus we take our time to get to know who you are and what you really want. We then produce 3 bespoke sets of logo concepts, allowing you to deliberate and choose the best one that fits your business!

Is creating your own logo and branding worth it?

Since you know your business better than anyone else, should you create your own logo on Canva, or commission a cheap quick alternative using sites like Fiverr?

Throughout my professional career as a designer, I have always been the person behind the sole creation and development of my own logo. You would imagine that this would be perfect – who could bring my ideas to life better than me? However, I’ve spent many years trying to perfect my personal brand, only to change it repeatedly in an endless cycle. As they say; you are your biggest critic, and sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see the bigger picture.

Recently, more and more people, even large design agencies are commissioning others to brand them – why does this apply to you?

To put it simply; you can get back to what you do best – working with your clients. Creating and developing your brand on your own is a mammoth task. The time you would take up, building your own website, logo and social posts could be re-directed into a more productive use of your time, like finding new clients, developing your skills or simply allowing you to take more time off for yourself. Your business, just like my own, is understandably close and important to you. I’ve found that some clients who created their own logos and branding tended to over-complicate their ideas to a point where their core message became muddled and unclear.

We want to remove the hassle, time and inconvenience out of the branding process. All we need from you is a simple brief about your business, likes, dislikes, and general expectations – then we’ll do the rest!

Creating your own branding can be a difficult challenge – and could waste too much time which could be better put to good use. At Design Wellness, we want to invest and dedicate our time to get to know you and your practice inside and out, to work in harmony with you to create the perfect face of your practice (other than yours)!

Want to know a little more?

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