What defines a great website, suited for Health and Wellness Professionals? What qualities does a notable site possess that makes it worthy of such a title? And can such a site be put on your Christmas list in time for 2021?

In the spirit of all things festive, we’ve listed some simple ways to check if your site is up to the job, or whether your website needs a New Year’s resolution.

Is your site well built?

When any person decides to view your site, they’ll be expecting the basic things to be working:

  • A quick loading website
  • Clear, easy to use navigation
  • Simple, legible content on both desktop computer devices and mobile phones
  • Obvious ways and means to contact you

These are simple criteria which users expect to work, full stop. If they do not, then statistically, people are more likely to leave your website at this point, and can you blame them?

Does your site serve its purpose well?

A shiny new website which doesn’t serve a defined purpose can be compared to a Ferrari sat on a set of bricks – flashy and great to look at, but utterly useless in its original function.

Ask yourself some questions:

  • Did I build the site primarily for people to contact me?
  • Does my site properly showcase who I am and my professional credentials?
  • Is there anything missing on my site which I need clients to know about? E.g. event booking etc.

Every site has a different set of objectives to achieve – you need to ask yourself if your site serves its proper purpose and fulfils those objectives.

Is your brand consistent with your site styling?

In simple terms; your brand identity and message (logo, colour scheme, tonality) have to be consistent not only on your social media channels but also on your website. The last thing you want is to create confusion when a user funnels through from your Instagram account and finds a different looking website in front of them.

Consistency is key in mirroring your social persona and business with your website. The closer these are with each other, the more likely a person will trust and hopefully reach out to you.

Do you market your site?

On a similar note to your site purpose – what use is a great website if no one visits it? Marketing your site effectively can be very simple; drum up awareness of your services by posting regularly on social media, writing valuable and meaningful content in the form of blogs, or even posting a monthly newsletter with MailChimp.

Quite often, people forget the vast reach and potential that all of these tools have when implemented together, driving traffic to your website to people who are genuinely in need of your services.

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