Fingers on keyboards!

Continuing on in our recent series of posts discussing blogging and its benefits, we’ll run through 6 types of content that might just give you an idea for your latest post!

Thinking of what to write about next can be a challenge, especially when your clients come first and the hours you find to yourself get less and less. Opening up to writing about different things can add a new layer to your business. Blogging doesn’t need to always be this expertly constructed and thought-provoking novel, it can be simple as a breakdown of the recent accreditation you’ve just gained or a workshop you attended.

Here are a few ideas we personally love to write about and hopefully inspires to open up that Word Document and get fingers-on keyboards!

1. Event summaries

As we start to look to the future when events become part of everyday life once more, an easy way to create content is based on your feedback on a workshop, event or activity you recently took part in. Your opinion matters to your audience, and it could be the difference between them taking the steps to jump out of their confidence zone and take part. Most events are social hubs that lead to social interactions and positive situations, perfect for your therapy business to write about.

2. Listicles

If you’ve seen some of our previous posts, you’ll know we love lists. This post itself is a glorified list! Breaking down a very vast topic into simple points in a list format makes your content easily digestible. People subconsciously view lists as easy quick content. In the continually ‘on the go’ world that we live in, bite-size content is perfect for a lunch break or the short train ride into work.

For example – ‘Top 5 tips to make your day productive’ or ‘Simple breathing techniques to help calm yourself’ could be great posts, to begin with.

3. Industry news

In a similar fashion to how news publications report on current events and create content around everyday situations people will find interesting, you can create or share information that’s specific to your industry.

It’s not just prospective clients that look at your blog, its also fellow mental health professionals. For instance, writing about a qualification requirement for the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy or a course from the CPD ( will be of value to your readers and lead to positive engagement.

4. Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

You’re probably thinking, my site already has an FAQ – why would I need to blog about it? A simple question/answer post can really help to make your services more valuable.

Imagine a post entitled ‘Why I should invest in myself and start therapy?’ where you discuss the reasons why people should start their therapy journey. This topic would help go along way to answer those all-important questions in a clients mind and potentially turn into a new business for you.

5. Charity awareness

There are so many positive reasons to raise awareness for charities and good causes. By honouring & providing links to their channels you’ll add that feel-good factor to your blog whilst ensuring smaller charitable organisations get noticed.

It might be raising awareness of a local free workshop your friend runs, or a bigger charity like Mind and the donations you recently raised. That personal touch really helps provide a community feel to your content.

It seems like a good time for us to make you aware of an amazing local ‘not for profit’ organisation we’re helping build the brand for – check out BrewWalks ran by the lovely Natalie & Emily who offer free donation-based mindfulness walks. You can listen along or when the lockdown is a distant memory, join them in their local park! –

6. Sources of inspiration

As we fill our days digesting media, having interesting conversations and consuming all manner of positive content, why not write about what inspires you? Fuel your blog with posts about that book you can’t put down, or a piece of artwork that’s made you feel some type of way.

Go a step further and include your readers in the post itself and push them to comment with their own inspirational ideas. After all, there’s no better feeling then when you’ve bonded over a mutual love for something.

A blog is more than just a blog

Blogging doesn’t need to be a stressful chore that feels like the adult version of homework. It’s a personal reflection of you, and it could be the journey of your life. Embrace different sorts of content and enjoy writing!

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Happy blogging!