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Instagram has transformed from a humble image posting app into the social media juggernaut we know and use frequently to this day. For a lot of wellbeing practitioners, posting on Instagram and sharing posts on stories and reels has become an integral part of the daily routine to reach out to followers.

So what extra features and benefits can you expect from Instagram Guides?

Breathe new life into your existing content

Instagram Guides is a new way of repurposing your existing Instagram posts which have been lying dormant on your feed. These could be posts that haven’t been getting much love or attention because it might have been months or even years since you first posted them.

This creates the opportunity for you to group sets of your existing posts that you can reshare for your followers. As a wellbeing practitioner, this means you could organise posts into relevant topics and themes which your users are interested in; such as guides, mindfulness tips, inspirational quotes, meditation and so on!Another great advantage of guides is that you can continue to add new posts to a guide, constantly refreshing your content which also gives you another excuse to re-share a guide that you may have already created. When users browse and view your guides, they are more likely to come back to your IG channel if you consistently add to them too!

They look similar to blog posts

An Instagram Guide looks visually similar to a blog, as each Instagram post you collate in a guide is listed and presented in an editorial style. This format allows people to browse, read and share your list of posts in a very familiar way just like a website blog post without ever leaving Instagram.

How to create your first guide

You can add a cover photo, main title and introductory text at the top of your guide to explain what your guide is about. It pays to use keywords and searchable terms within your main title and content as it is speculated that Instagram’s search will become more search-friendly when it comes to captions, titles and descriptions instead of needing to use hashtags in the near future.

Make sure you add descriptive titles and captions to each of your added posts too!

We’ve created this video specifically to show you how to create an Instagram Guide from scratch, and how to share it on your feed and story.

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Post Instagram Guides to your heart’s content!